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Document Management for less than a cup of coffee a day.

Hershey Cloud overview

Historically Document Management Software has long been the domain of profitable corporate organisations and priced out of reach from small businesses.

Hershey Software are ringing the changes with Hershey Cloud.

Hershey Cloud will provide a feature rich Document Management solution for businesses of all sizes starting with just five users so that you never lose another document, find what you need when you need it most and ensure business continuity, efficiency and productivity.

Do not be misled, Hershey Cloud is not just another cloud storage solution, far from it. It is taking best of breed software from OpenText and designing a cloud based Document Management solution that is powerful, intuitive and scalable, enabling companies of any size to access their business critical information using a web browser from any location with an internet connection. Further, it will allow you to also provide accountability for the way that information is stored. Confidential information is kept confidential with the built in security and user access rights that can be applied to different document applications whether its Human resources, financial records or core business activities making sure that your business is compliant with the ever increasing number of industry and Government regulations including GDPR.

We at Hershey Software, are not in the business of just selling a solution and leaving you to it. We pride ourselves in developing lasting relationships with our customers. We aim to be your business partner in guiding and mentoring you with a solution that will work for, and benefit your business.

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Web Interface

Offers an easy to use, intuitive and modern web interface from any browser that provides a great user experience and allows you to retrieve and index documents and to collaborate easily.


Mobile Friendly

Access and view your information from any tablet or mobile device using the powerful built in Brava viewer.


Full Records Management Functionality

Secures documents throughout their life cycle and tracks their use while managing alterations with a built-in version control.


Ensure data confidentiality and integrity

Offers document access managed at the application, template, field, document and index level.


Management Reporting

Provide accountability for the way that you store personal data and how the system is being used in your company. Identify bottlenecks and streamline business processes to avoid them.



We can provide bespoke integration and off the shelf modules that integrate with most Microsoft Office products including Outlook for email management and long term storage of emails and attachments.



Hershey Cloud will not cost the earth. Our five user entry level system is the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day for each user and includes initial training and support by phone email or remote connection.

Easy Access

Allows you to quickly find the document you need when you need it the most, from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world.


Allow the system to grow with your business. Increase the number of users, departments and capacity easily without any impact on system performance.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Leverage security features to meet government compliance while ensuring instant access from any location to the information users need.


Robust built-in security ensures that all documents are safe and secure and backups to prevent data corruption.

Fast Implementation

Once the initial structure of your document indexing has been agreed, you can be up and running in days with no protracted implementation period.

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