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OpenText File360

Affordable document centric workflows made easy

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OpenText File360 overview

Competitive organisations everywhere are looking to regain control of the critical documents and data that drive business.
However, choosing a document management system that best fits an organisation is
extremely challenging in today’s ever-changing business environment.

File360 is a powerful, intuitive and scalable document management system that enables organisations of any size to rapidly enter, store, share and protect critical business documents, regardless of the application used to create them. It supports the entire spectrum for unstructured content and data management, including scanned pages, faxes, files and multimedia objects.

File360 enables organisations to regain control over critical information, improve the quality of business decisions and
increase operational and process efficiency.

What is document centric workflow?

Document centric workflow combines secure document and record storage and retrieval with the automation of the processes, tasks, and systems in which they are involved. It streamlines business processes and ensures compliance, accountability and control over workflows associated with those processes. With document centric workflow, organisations have a single point of truth to ensure the latest version of all structured and unstructured content across multiple systems is available when tasks are performed.

Integrating document and records management capabilities and workflow automation, OpenText File360 and Execute360 have been bundled into a comprehensive document management system with one new lower price. File360 offers users an easy-to-use interface to organise, find and manage all content for total document management, as well as automate, manage and monitor workflows and tasks.

OpenText File360 features


Rapidly deployed desktop or web client

Offers a powerful user experience based on leading edge technology, providing additional functions with Microsoft® Windows Explorer and a simple copy/move and drag & drop interface.


Easy-to-use, administration interface

Allows rapid application deployment to manage unstructured and structured content and data with simple and intuitive features robust enough to meet enterprise objectives.


Full Records Management functionality

Secures documents throughout their life cycle and tracks their use while managing alterations with a built-in version function.


Ensure data confidentiality and integrity

Offers document access managed at the application, template, field, document and index level.


Document enable applications

Allows the File360 document management feature set to be easily integrated into business and workflow applications using Powerful .NET, web services and Restful APIs.


Comply with industry, state or federal regulatory standards

Uses built-in security, records management and user/document auditing to ensure compliance to government and industrial regulations.

OpenText File360 benefits

Immediate value with rapid deployment

Deploy a single process within a department without any programming to streamline processes for immediate benefits.

Adapts to the way you work

Define custom workflows and application plugins to allow users to work in the applications they are accustomed to and adhere to company defined processes.

Address problem areas with minimum budget

Focus on areas that require immediate attention to achieve large improvements with minimum budget and resources.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Leverage security features to meet government compliance while ensuring instant access from any location to the information users need.

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