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accelerate data capture with barcode leadsheets

Overview of DoxLead

DoxLead creates barcode leadsheets for batch data capture to
expedite the process of indexing and storing documents in File360 or DoxView.



Rapid Leadsheet Generation

Generate leadsheets quickly with just a couple of clicks, with a friendly user interface.


Accelerate Data Capture

Barcode leadsheets help to accelerate the data capture process, improve efficiency and reduce errors.


Cloud Access

Access cloud based document archives to create barcode leadsheets.


Print Leadsheets

Print generated barcode leadsheets directly from DoxLead, with an easy to use print dialog.


Accelerate Data Capture

Barcode leadsheets expedite the data capture process, improve indexing efficiency and reduce errors in data entry.


An affordable solution to simplify your data capture workflow and increase your productivity.

Cloud Access

DoxLead can access DoxView or File360 archives from a Windows based computer.

Ease of Use

DoxLead provides an easy to use user interface with a simple indexing panel, archive tree view and print dialog.

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