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capture, index and store documents rapidly

Overview of DoxCapture

DoxCapture is a powerful document capture tool.

DoxCapture allows you to scan, capture, index and store large volumes of documents much quicker, than conventional methods of data capture.



Friendly User Interface

Index and store your documents in just a couple of clicks, through a friendly user interface.


Powerful Data Capture

Allows rapid file indexing through an intuitive and user friendly interface, so you never lose another document.


Flexible Storage

Securely store your documents wherever best suits you in either File360 or DoxView.


Image & Document Viewer

Uses an integrated modern image and document viewer, allowing you to quality assure data during data capture.


Increase Productivity

Speed up your data and document capture processes by using DoxCapture to index large volumes of documents.


An affordable data capture solution to speed up your business processes.

Powerful Indexing

Intuitive and powerful indexing that allows you to rapidly index your documents, streamlining your data entry process.

Integrated Document Viewer

Uses built-in document viewer which allows you to quality assure the data being entered in the system.

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