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A range of affordable software products
to optimise your business processes, improve efficiency and save money

What is DoxSuite?

DoxSuite is a powerful suite of products and solutions carefully developed and owned by Hershey Software
that aim to optimise business processes, so your organisation can operate more efficiently and save money.

DoxSuite products aim to make data capture easier and more efficient.

Below are the DoxSuite products we currently offer


DoxView is a cloud-based document management solution that can be tailored to your company enabling you to put an end to the paper madness.


DoxForms are online HTML5 forms that can be completed anywhere, these forms can have custom workflows and are archived directly in File360 or DoxView.


DoxCapture is a powerful document capture tool that allows you to scan, capture, index and store large volumes of documents quickly.


DoxOffice is a powerful suite of integrations for Microsoft Office products, that allow you to index documents directly from within a Microsoft Office program.


DoxLead creates barcode leadsheets for batch data capture to expedite the process of storing large volumes of documents in File360 or DoxView.


DoxRevit is a powerful AutoDesk Revit integration that allows you to index Revit drawings directly into File360 or DoxView without leaving AutoDesk Revit.

Cloud based document management solution
A range of Microsoft Office integrations
Integration for AutoDesk Revit
Create barcode leadsheets for rapid data capture
Capture and index documents rapidly
DoxForms are online HTML5 forms that integrate with File360 or DoxView
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