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Hershey's service and support offerings are designed to ensure our clients realize the full potential of our products, resulting in a rapid return on investment. Hershey provides a wide range of services to guarantee our clients' expectations are met each and every day.



When deploying Hershey's software solutions, our clients can be confident that their investment is backed by excellent support services. Hershey's dedicated support team is focused on providing the best customer service possible. Our standard telephone support is provided between the hours of 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday

Support services can also include:

Telephone Support

Remote Support Using GoTo Assist

Webinar style training

Site Visits

Proactive Visits


All support calls are logged and tracked on our powerful help desk system and assigned to a qualified consultant who will be responsible for seeing the call through to its completion. As a customer, you will be informed of the Request ID number (RID). Quoting the RID when communicating with the help desk will enable us to locate your request quickly and give you an immediate status update on the call.

For more information on any of our support services please phone or email us. Or contact details are found on our Contacts page. 


Service Level Agreements

Whilst most of our customers are happy with our standard Service Level Agreement, Hershey Software understands that different organizations will have different needs and requirements in this regard and are therefore flexible in their approach to the support services they can offer and can implement specific SLAs either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Talk to us about your specific requirement 

Project Management and Professional Services

Hershey's professional services organization is committed to providing outstanding service by delivering projects on time and within budget. Hershey follows a structured implementation methodology to make sure our services engagement meets our clients' expectations. 


Hershey provides comprehensive training programs designed to ensure our clients become productive and self-sufficient in a short amount of time. Hershey offers both hands-on classroom and on-site training to guarantee our clients receive complete knowledge transfer.

Additional training can be provided using half day workshops and webinar style training saving you both time and money and accelerating the adoption new features and procedures that need to be implemented. 


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