Existing Kovis users? Accelerate Change with the File360

Competitive organizations everywhere are focusing on ways to regain control of the critical documents and data that drive their business. Yet choosing a Document Management system that best fits your organization is extremely complex in todays ever-changing business environment. If you are an Existing KoVis customer knowing what to do with the Kovis system and database can be a challenge: Maintaining it as a legacy system is expensive. Migrating to a new system can be both time consuming and expensive. What if there was another way?


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File360 is the solution and replaces Kovis as a natural upgrade path thus maintaining the integrity of your data from the clunky and dated Kovis Classic client. The additional functionality and intuitive user interface that File360 brings provides a powerful, and scalable Document Management system that enables your organization to rapidly capture, index, store, share, and protect your critical business documents, regardless of the application used to create them and without the need for an expensive migration.

File360 provides a trusted information foundation for any size organization. It supports the entire spectrum of unstructured content and data including scanned pages, faxes, files, emails and multimedia objects. File360 enables your organization to regain control over your critical information, improve the quality of your business decisions, and increase operational and process efficiency.



Out Of the Box Solutions

No KoVis Migration Cost

Access Via Desktop or Web Client

Microsoft Office Integration

Email Management

Drag And Drop Support

OCR, OMR And Barcode Support

Version Control

Workflow Integration

Complies With Industry And Government Standards

Complies With latest legislation including GDPR

Ensure Confidentiality And Integrity Of Your Data



Flexible Document Capture

Powerful Indexing

Access KoVis Data

Flexible Storage

Empower Your Desktop

Ensure Regulatory Compliance





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