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A scalable on-premise document management solution for companies of all sizes.

Today we are increasing being asked to achieve more with less, to serve more clients, to complete more tasks and to do so even more efficiently then before 

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Whether it is Human Resources, Accounts payable, core business activities, or all of these, management today is faced with trying to eliminate bottlenecks and improve operational performance as well as reducing costs and complying with an ever-increasing number of industry and Government regulations and standards. File360 offers the full range of document management features allowing users to automate their business processes for any document residing in the system. 


Typical Documents that can be processed by this software:

Invoices / Credit memos

Purchase Orders

Shipping Documents

Morgage Documents


Emails And Attachments

General Correspondence


Inventory Forms

Order Forms

HR Documents

Medical Records

Student Records

Easy to Use Interface. File360 provides a consistent, powerful, easy to use interface for both users and administrators

Versatile Content capture to improve staff productivity and content accuracy

Data Entry Automation. Provides multiple options for automating Data Entry including: Bar code reading, Zone OCR, Color Zone OCR

Scalability. Expands from a standalone system to an enterprise solution. File360 can start as small as you want and grow as large you need

Reduce paper, printing, and storage costs

Routing.Allows routing and workflow functionality to conform to the needs of a production environment.

Secure. Interfaces to Microsoft security and provides extensive application and document level security. The storage server feature protects documents from unauthorized access.



Is the backbone of the entire content management system. Using the latest Open architecture and adherence to strict industry standards in program development, database design, and image storage protects the value of your investment and provides the features and functionality needed from departmental to enterprise level. 


Records Management

Document Expiration date facilitates record retention policies 

Email Management

Our Outlook integration module allows you to manage emails and attachments at the click of a button 


Allows the technical user to integrate the imaging functions directly into business applications through APIs and other program interfaces. File360 offers OLE, COM and Web Service interfaces for integration. 

Multiple Client Options

File360 offers out-of-the-box thick and thin clients. In addition, custom clients can be built using the OLE, COM, and Web Services interfaces. Any combination of these clients can be used to meet a customer's business requirements.

Download Brochure link or call us to arrange a free on-line demonstration. Alternatively you can view the File360 web client by clicking the link below. please contact Hershey Software for logon details.  



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